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BAC Virtual Spring Classes

LOOK LIKE AN ARTIST: Art Appreciation Through Art Making May 6-June 10 (6 weeks) Teachers: Meagan Hepp and Zoe Schein Class Fee: $210

Ever look at a work of art and think, “What am I even looking at?” Love museums, but wish you could engage with artworks beyond the little white squares beside them? In this class, faculty will guide students through six sessions that combine art history, art analysis and art making, with the aim of helping students engage more deeply with the art they encounter. Students will learn the basics of the “language” of visual arts: from form and composition to symbolism, perspective and material. Through short, no-skills-required art projects, students will put themselves in the artist’s shoes to better understand the questions artists ask and the decisions they make. 

This short, introductory course requires no prior art knowledge or experience, and aims to help students build analytical skills to deepen their appreciation and enjoyment of the artworks they encounter. Students will be encouraged to make use of the many online museum resources that have been recently made available. In this virtual format, students will join faculty members, Meagan and Zoe, via Zoom for a lecture and art making assignments each week.

Video Sessions: Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm   

NOTE: Links to lessons and video sessions will be shared with students via email each week. Zoom videos will be recorded and made available for students who are unable to attend the scheduled time. 

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