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We are excited to provide and share a variety of creative opportunities and an outlet for arts education in a virtual setting! Through a combination of face-to-face video instruction via Zoom, step-by-step video demonstrations and written lessons, as well as video-based group activities, students will learn to bring their art to new levels. In this virtual format, students will have the opportunity to share their work and receive feedback from teachers, interact with other students and continue working on their lessons between class meetings. Our virtual classes seek to offer the same level of personalization and teacher interaction as our in-studio courses. We are excited to continue connecting with you, our community, through art!

Our popular ArtVentures program for children blends fun with learning through a balance of structured projects, creative expression and play. We promote artistic exploration while developing technique and critical-thinking skills. Each theme is explored through a variety of mediums and imaginative projects. *Children must have completed kindergarten.

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